Great Resources For Buying Gold Online

More people than ever are interested in learning about buying gold online. Investment anxiety combined with rising inflation has served the purpose of driving the price of gold even higher. Individuals want to know how they can make a profit of this liquid investment.

Gold production is flattening out. That make this rare commodity even more rare and all the more valuable. Some people are taking advantage of this by selling all of their junk gold, unwanted jewelry and gold scraps for low prices. The people that will certainly win in this gold rush however, will be the buyers and not ...


How to Integrate the Economic Calendar in Your Tra

By learning about Forex daily statistics, you will be able to better manage your risk as a trader and understand how the various currencies are related. You can also learn how the different Forex pairs move over different time frames.

The Economic Calendar

As a trader, you need to remain aware of major economic announcements. If you are day trading, close all of your positions before a new announcement has been scheduled. Only start trading once again after the news is released.

If you are swing trading, make sure you are aware of any major economic news that may be announced. ...


Data Mining: From Moore’s Law to One Sale a Day

Today the internet is more customized than it ever has been before. This is largely because of data mining, which involves using patterns and records of how you use the internet, to anticipate how you will continue to use the internet. This is an application of data mining, however; more broadly, the term refers to how to analyze data to cut costs or increase revenue.

While the term data mining is new, the practice is not. Due to Moore’s Law, which states that processing power and data storage double every 18 months, over the past five years, it has become significantly ...


Items Not Valid for Foreign Exchange (FX) in the N

In an attempt to sustain the stability of the Foreign Exchange (FX) Market and ensure efficient utilization of Foreign Exchange for the derivation of optimum benefits from goods and services imported into Nigeria, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) recently issued a new directive in a circular it distributed.

The directive exempts some imported goods and services from the list of items eligible to access FX at the Nigerian Foreign Exchange markets in order to foster and support local production of these items in the country.

The implication of this development is that importers desiring to import any of the items listed ...


10 Most Frequently Asked Questions on Forex

1. What is the best Forex platform?

There is no one way to answer such a question. This will of course depend on the trader, in accordance with his preference, knowledge, experience as well as what he intends to trade (which financial instrument). Many intermediate-experienced traders, especially when trading on the currency market, prefer to use platforms such as MT4 or C-Trader which are designed mostly for Forex trading, as well as CFD trading, and for someone with some knowledge of the trading market.

Others, more novice traders would prefer the use of such platforms as ones found from Easy-Forex, iForex, or ...